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Project: The hair falls off scarcely, the mental depression

the diet structure had the change, the cereal, green vegetables class food reduced, the fat, protein class food increased Canada, irritant food increases, the coarse ghd australia straightener edible grain reduces, the flour and rice increases, causes in vivo nutrition not to be imbalanced, organism digestion absorption system adapts with difficulty, causes the taste to be hot and damp, causes the disorder, creates loses hair. The maintenance does not work as: The maintenance does not work as: The excessive use washes sends protects sends the thing , or the use alkalinity is excessively strong, the quality inferior to wash sends protects sends the thing, not, when will have a permanent wave, dyeing one's hair, to wash sends, combs sends, blows sends and so on to cause the damage to the hair, will cause loses hair. In the above numerous reasons, t he Chinese medicine thought that the most main reason is the kidney empty lung damages, the toxin accumulation, The trace element lacks. The dialectical treatment, the heart blood deficiency and related debilities damages, the heart blood deficiency and related debilities damages, sickness sees: The hair becomes the circular or the ellipse laminated ghd straightener shape suddenly falls off, does not keep a stem, the trouble place skin is luminous, does not have the inflammation, either has itches mildly, like insect line, either did not feel, serious entire A hair and the eyebrow remove completely, are accompanied by the palpitation, pants, the god weary spontaneous sweating, moves much worse the facial color to be white, body tired asthenia, tongue pale tender, the arteries fragile incapable or tie the generation. Governs raises the blood to calm the nerves, with four Tonga placentas, asses' glue, aspiration, jujube kernel, amber and so on; Or with turns over to the spleen Soup addition and subtraction. The liver blood is insufficient, the liver blood is insufficient, sickness sees: The initial forehead presents the copper cash size cheap ghd hair straighteners suddenly losing hair, the patchy bald place skin is smooth, the skin color is normal, is accompanied by facial color China, the dizziness, the tinnitus, the item does not do astringently, regards the thing unclear either night blindness, the body numb or the convulsion arrests Anxious, the hand and foot vibration, the claws are withered, the woman volume of menstrual flow few or the menopause, the tongue is pale, the arteries string is thin. Governs makes up the liver to raise the blood suitably, Makes up the liver Tonga asses' glue, the polygonum multiflorum and so on. The liver-Qi depression, the liver-Qi depression, sickness sees: The hair falls off scarcely, the mental depression, heaves a sigh friendly, chest Coerces or the breast abdominal bloating ache, the painful potential walks flees, swallows stops up or for Mei Huqi. Woman abnormal menstruation, tongue coating thin white, the arteries string is tight. Governs the suitable sparse liver cheap ghd hair straightener solution to be strongly fragrant, disperses with the bupleurum chinensis sparse liver, 47 soup class. The kidney Yin deficient kidney Yin deficient, sickness sees: Sends the odontoptosis to swing, the physique becomes emaciated , the facial color is thin and pale, the waist knee worn out and aching, the heel ache, has a dizzy spell, tinnitus deafness,


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