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Project: [Linux kernel] SATA doesn't work on MCP89 chipset

When booting a laptop with MCP89 chipset, no SATA drives are found (no cd, no hdd). This is tested on a MacBook Pro(7,1)

This bug prevents anyone from running linux on their macbook pro. That's a shame. My colleagues laugh at me


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  1. What do we do now?

    The patch provided by Benoit Gschwind seems to work just fine. Tejun Heo has also been of help during the whole process. However, as I understand it, the patch is more a workaround than a complete driver. If it's possible with cofundos, I propose to give half of the money now and keep the other half when the complete driver is ready. For example, we could give 90€ to Benoit and 35€ to Tejun Heo. What is your opinion?

    by DamienCassou on 18 Jun 2010 11:55

  2. We should do what you suggested

    Damien Cassou, this is exactly my opinion. I am happy with the workaround for now, but it is no "production ready" solution. The throughput seems to be too low, so far i read about it. I would say that the case is not yet completely final.

    by fpaul on 20 Jun 2010 09:44

  3. @Damien & @fpaul

    Sounds fair.

    How do we actually submit funds?
    Reading the FAQ I could not see anything RE:part-payment,
    but I have been known to be selectively dyslexic (mostly related to manuals and instructions).

    by thedukeofgreenwich on 21 Jun 2010 15:08

  4. I forgot to add the following:

    Since HDD performance seems to be very low, I am happy to wait until production-level kernel is available.

    So far Mac OS X does what I need.

    by thedukeofgreenwich on 21 Jun 2010 15:11

  5. Suggest that contributors post requirements

    I can see from the comment thread there is a little confusion about what might qualify as meeting the requirements of this project. As there are no requirements listed, such confusion is likely to recur.

    I suggest that the originators and bidders reach a consensus on what requirements a final driver would satisfy. If there is a performance requirement, such should be stated (and there should be some such requirement, obviously). Identifying the drives correctly in the output of system utilities is another suggested requirement.

    by HeathHunnicutt on 4 Jul 2010 23:01

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