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ZINETIK have just released their next smash hit Believe Me by GHISLANE. was fortunate enough to grab 5 minutes of ZINETIK’s part owner Leda and we asked him the following: Congratulations on the song “Believe Me”. I managed to have a listen to it and I really think the artists and tracks that you have at Zinetik Records are improving immensely with each recording.
Zinetik Records: Thanks a lot. We have got great expectations about this song! Besides producing a good track the quality itself of the production is extremely important in order to compete at a global level. For this reason we consider essential to be able to keep at least the quality level of the newest big productions. I read in your email that Believe Me is being distributed in Spain by Vale Music. This must be quite an achievement as Vale Music is the distributor for some big names like DJ Bobo, ATB, Voodoo and Serano. What other territories to you see Believe Me heading into???
Zinetik Records: We always try to set up collaborations with those labels that we know have got more chances to reach a large public audience, without leaving apart the quality and reliability of the productions themselves. Believe Me is a huge success here in Spain and after waiting for this result, we’ve just started moving it abroad. The first step for us is always Europe, because of is proximity and similarity, we are really having a good response so far. We’ve been just offered the chance to set a collaboration with ToCo International (thanks to the essential mediation of Subsonic Records in the person of Dennis Jones) to license it in the other continents…this can be HUGE!!! Zinetik Records has only been in operation for less than 3 years, what to you attribute to the success of the label???
Zinetik Records: We pay a great attention in the selection of each our productions that we release, dedicating to every single, all the time it needs to be at its best. Every member of the staff has a pretty long experience in the music field, since before the ZINETIK project started. Zinetik Records produces a radio show that is aired on a number of radio stations in Spain. Do you think this helps in producing better music?
Zinetik Records: Yes, it does without any doubts. It allows us to keep always up to date and to keep in contact with people. They are the ones that make a track successful or not, so that knowing what people like and what they ask for are essential in the music world. Now if someone is not a DJ or radio show producer how would you suggest that they break into the dance music scene???
Zinetik Records: The most important thing is to have good ideas and pay a great attention to detail. The rest comes along with it, step by step. At a first stage it’s really important to be patient and working hard till you can get a very good first track ready to release. The visitors here at always like to know about what setups and software that remixers and producers are using. What hardware do you use??? (Eg. audio cards. Pre amps etc). Also what software and plug ins????
Zinetik Records: We use Apple Macintosh with hardware Protools HD2 as support. As a sequencer Logic Audio 5 and for the Audio the software Protools. We don’t use a mixing set, we mix everything with the computer. If someone wanted to start their own record label what would you suggest they do???
Zinetik Records: You have to keep well in mind what is your objective and what kind of production you want to release…and the most important thing is to be brave!!! What tips would you give an up and coming remixers/producer?
Zinetik Records: Never lose heart, even if the music world is pretty difficult and really selective. The competence as well is hard but it can give you lots of satisfaction….if working in the music field is your main aim and your dream with good productions and consistency, nothing is impossible. The visitors of remixing info would like you to part with some of your hard earned knowledge do you feel you could contribute to the site in some way???
Zinetik Records: Let’s see…having a good sound library is really important. I’m always sampling other productions, finding new sounds and new ideas and then obviously I modify them with my own style. I wish you all the best with “Believe Me”. The videos porno is great and is heading for big things.
Zinetik Records: Thanks a lot for your interest in our production and in particularly in Believe Me…I hope that the visitors of can take any advantage of what I wrote.

Just a quick footnote Subsonic Records and Zinetik Records could be joining forces for some new releases. This is great news as I am signed to Subsonic Records and will have the chance to work with the likes of Leda – DJ Scott-e.

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